• Organisation and implementation of a three day event to pay tribute to an insurance company’s top salespersons
  • Two tributes under one motto, which should be an unforgettable experience for the winners
  • Integration and acquaintance with the given destination Hamburg
  • Classical goals: increasing profits, sales and marketing incentives and rewarding achievements


  • Get-together evening in the famous theatre Schmidts Tivoli with a performance staged specially for the customers
  • In the year of the FIFA World Cup, the first award ceremony took place inside the AOL-Arena in Hamburg: the winners entered the stadium through the players’ tunnel; in addition the scoreboard and the stadium sound system were integrated.
  • Both events were moderated by sports reporter Dieter Kürten
  • Lunch during a boat trip on the Elbe
  • The second tribute took place within the framework of a gala evening event. The design of the room and stage transformed the location into a football arena. Uwe Seeler, a former german football player, was both laudator and interview partner. Amongst the performing artists was a ball artiste as well as Capoeira dancers from Brazil, home of the football world champions. Comedian Otto Waalkes & Die Friesenjungs created an electrifying atmosphere.


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