• Initiation of a four-day incentive programme for an insurance company’s 40 top salespersons
  • Choice of a destination largely unknown to the participants
  • Integration of the destination’s nature and culture
  • Back to the basics (preferably a meal by the camp fire rather than in a fancy restaurant)
  • Aims: sales and marketing incentive plus a reward for achievements, increasing the participants’ identification with the company and provision of a communication platform
  • Attendee administration and the complete print material on the trip



  • Destination:  Ă…re in Northern Sweden
  • Activities in touch with nature during the day, such as canoeing, visiting an elk farm, rafting, hiking
  • Visit to an old church with a short concert by the local choir
  • Evening events in a mountain hut and a restaurant, plus a BBQ by the camp fire with a Laplander grilling a reindeer which had previously been shot, musical accompaniment in the form of Inuit singing
  • Participants had the option to spend one of the three overnight stays in a sleeping bag, in a very simple hut in the wilderness, in order to watch bears


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